Monday, July 18, 2016


Split CD
Earthworm Productions
This is the third of four promos Worm of A Wormhole sent me, with Xeper’s full length and the compilation I reviewed last May and June. While there is one more to go from the batch, the focus of this review is a split CD featuring May 14 and In The Moonlight whom Wormhole readers should be familiar with. Just seven tracks to speak of, but one favorite is In The Moonlight’s first which begins with a night time setting joined by random guitar notes creating a sinister climate. May 14 builds on this with Forest Doom At Night, which adds to the previous song’s spirit with alternating guitar progressions and a spoken verse or two. Again I am approaching these songs with impartiality and receptiveness, looking beyond the production and imagining how these songs would sound it tightened up and recorded in a professional studio and/or with state of the art recording equipment. What I conceptualized made me want to hear more as I gave heed to the following tracks. Together they form a conceptual storyline that proposes to germinate unrestrictedly. The sense of imagination involved in arranging these tracks from band to band is the most auspicious and hopeful demeanor of this split. To me it was much like watching an independent film about a recluse living somewhere deep in the woods, harboring thoughts far too horrid for most people to fathom, complete with an audience’s applause at its conclusion. This split is a good argument that there are no rules when it comes to creating something memorable. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Sitting Outside Listening To Nature (ITM)
2. Forest Doom At Night (M14)
3. A Northern Beat (ITM)
4. Bleeding Into The Roots Of The North (M14)
5. Cold Sun (ITM)
6. Children On The Corrupt Wood (M14)
7. Fear Of Turtles In The Dark Water (ITM)

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