Friday, February 3, 2017

CD Review: ICONICIDE Jesus Corpse: D.N.R.: Live In Spanish Harlem (NHI) by Dave Wolff

My first review of Iconicide was for their most recent album "Give Me Extinction Or Give Me Death". That review was posted here last month; if you haven’t read it yet I’d recommend taking the time since this band has a lot to say.
They are pure hardcore-punk without compromise or effort to whitewash their message, whether it’s about religion, politics, media or industry. Iconicide carry the torch for Napalm Death, Discharge, Amebix and Nausea who unflinchingly addresses similar issues, for the purpose of spreading awareness about relevant problems, to inform us who are still thinking so we can see a clear picture of the world.
Those bands raised their voices about matters that were important to them and reached listeners across the world. Particularly Nausea who advocated animal rights before it became "in vogue". Iconicide have had the same potential since they formed in 1988. Having been around since CBGB was hosting weekly hardcore matinees, they saw New York City turn from grit to glitz while remaining vitally active in a punk scene that has survived a lot. At the same time, the band attempts no pretense at being “positive” as it would only create more mediocrity.
"Jesus Corpse: D.N.R.: Live In Spanish Harlem" was released in January 2011 and provides insight into their live show, with its rumbling, growling and raging against a world mad with greed and apathy. The CD was recorded off the soundboard at the Bar East in Spanish Harlem, April 30, 2010. There is no subtlety; everything is laid bare if you dare take heed. This is apparent from "Name Your Price", a song against giving everything of oneself for the sake of a career, unknowingly becoming part of a system that perpetually holds us down. "Time has come for you to sell out/sellout time is here/time for you to commit suicide/to further your career/At first it may seem abhorrent/you're torn in two by strife/but once you've taken that fatal plunge/it becomes a way of life". It’s an intense look at society that pulls no punches, and it’s only the first song.
"Higher Forms Of Murder" (written by Chris when he was fifteen), "System’s On Fire" and "Worldsend" (which quotes T.S. Eloit’s The Hollow Men) center on the exploitation of nature and its inevitable repercussions, with the same honesty of "Name Your Price". This doesn’t diminish as the album progresses but grows more intense. "Voluntary Human Extinction Movement" deals with the crisis of overpopulation since the Industrial Revolution. "Bout Fucking Time" is based on the idea of getting out of a self-destructive situation.
"Benediction/Malediction" is about how people are indoctrinated with religion from a young age. Finally there’s the anthemic "Workers Of The World = Fuck Off!" which Chris says originated as a tagline and was written to compare today’s workplace to a modern concentration camp. This is a rundown of the songs that spoke to me the most, though all of them are worthwhile to listen to. If you want to view video uploads of Iconicide’s live show, many full concert clips are available at their Youtube channel-Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Name Your Price
2. Higher Forms Of Murder
3. Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
4. OTK: Ode To Ken
5. Bout Fucking Time
6. Matter Of Fact
7. System's On Fire
8. Sunrise
9. Fuck It
10. Benediction/Malediction
11. Worldsend
12. Workers Of The World = Fuck Off!!
13. Code Of The Streets

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