Monday, January 11, 2021

Flash Fiction: "Fiends and Prayer Books" by Devin Joseph Meaney

Fiends and Prayer Books
Flash fiction by Devin Joseph Meaney

Her knees grew weak and started to buckle as she gazed into a blackened fog. . .But like a lantern lit within darkness, she quickly began to bring light to a shrouded unknown.
''There are many paths to journey on in life,'' she spoke under her breath. ''But those that enter the dark are the most likely to be illuminated. . .and the blackest of crevices and forgotten tombs are the ones that offer the most vibrant spoils.''
She pushed on like a soldier gowned in the most glorious orange, and the only thing brighter than her attire was the flame in her enlightened heart. Again, she spoke:
''No shadows shall consume me or the ones that I love, and no specter or ghoul would dare cross my prayer book. . .and nor shall any fiend or angel of the damned.''

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