Thursday, January 21, 2021

Poem: "Mystic Verse" by M Teresa Clayton

Mystic Verse
By M Teresa Clayton

On the threshold of yesterday and tomorrow
Yet it is never in the now; never in this day,
For this day is forever moving out of sight;
Out of my understanding, never leading the way.
The precipice seems too wide; appears to be so deep,
Yet it is no more than a step beyond this place
That holds me bound here within its keep and
Obscures the concepts of mortal time and space.
The threshold is but a balancing of my weight
Equally in the future and there in the past.
Upon the threshold is where I wait for some direction
And the balance of time here is faltering fast.
Until I can no longer balance within the doorway.
It must close me out of what was and open to the new.
I shall not question the direction of my path anymore
As I take my first steps into the future towards you.

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