Thursday, January 21, 2021

Poem: "Much Worse Than The End" by Jerry Langdon

Much Worse Than The End

I mourn for the sinking moon,
Drowning in the night,
Fading to its dawn.
Dying light.
The sky sliced open to bleed,
Crimson dawn heralds death,
Rising up to feed.
Final breath.
Thunder roars across the sky
As the riders descend,
Reality beginns to die.
The end.
The beginning of a twisted cold Hell,
Beauty distorted throuogh gruesomeness,
Purgatory hails its bell.
Total darkness.
Restless screams of endless despair
Carried by terror's voice,
Misery in the air.
No choice.
Crying tears that only evaporate,
Raining down in pain,
Torturing with hate.
Gone insane.

© Jerry Langdon 2020

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