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Interview with photographer Amanda Roach by Devin Joseph Meaney

Interview with photographer Amanda Roach by Devin Joseph Meaney

1. Hello Amanda. We are known to each other, but please introduce yourself and your work to our readers!
Hi, my name is Amanda Roach. I was born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I am a full-time clerk typist at our main hospital. Most of the time I am a fully energetic human who enjoys reading, exercising, hiking, snowshoeing, random adventures, and most recently, taking nature pictures.

2. How long have you been interested in photography? And what inspires you to snap such stunning photos?
I never in my life was one for pictures but as my life had done a full 360 and my world turned completely upside down I had only two choices. 1. Lay down, give up, and let life take the better of me, or 2. Woman up, take action and change my life. Within a day I chose option two. I am a fighter and a worrier and I would not let these unforeseen circumstances ruin my life. As soon as I made that decision (August 5th, 2020 to be exact) I found myself enjoying things that I once would roll my eyes at. I went on my first hike alone. Ever. I saw life and beauty in everything that surrounded me. I cried the whole hike and I kept snapping pictures. I was mesmerized by the fresh air, the trees, the grass, the way the sun beamed off of everything. I felt excitement in all that was around and I couldn't wait to look at the beauty I snapped and share it with my Facebook friends and those that follow me on Instagram.

3. What type of pictures do you like to take the most? Do you prefer summer, fall, or winter settings? Or a combination of all those things together?
Nature, nature, nature. All the photos that I take are pictures of nature. I don't have a preference. I love taking photos of the ice forming on branches, the fall colors on the trees, the most imperfect/perfectly formed shell/sea glass, and every waterfall I can find. This will be my first year hiking all year round.

4. Aside from photography... what other creative mediums spark your interest?
Due to my life before Aug 5th, 2020 I never felt like I was my true authentic self and I was always fighting to find her. It wasn't until the unforeseen circumstances appeared (which turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me) that I found my love of taking photos of nature. I cannot answer this question due to the fact it has only been a few short months that I have actually felt alive and not just here in existence. Unfortunately, this question will have to wait as my process and life unfolds and the self I am intended to become more alive and willing to explore more areas. Thank you for understanding.

5. What message would you like to send with your art? And what type of person do you think would appreciate your work?
I take my nature pictures to show that there is beauty and love all around us, all the time. I take them to show that no matter what life throws at us, we can all take a breath, capture that beauty, and know that, that beauty is within us too. 
I believe that those who are intuitive, those who relate to nature, those who are lightworkers, and those with the zen of life within them would appreciate my photographs.

6. Is light work something that intrigues/inspires you? Tell us more!
Light work is new to me as well but I find it very inspiring. I feel very deeply and passionately about everything and everyone I care about to the point that if something happens to someone I can literally feel it as if it was happening to me. It even prevents me from watching certain shows/movies, etc. This gift (sometimes a hard pill to digest) I've come to know is part of being a lightworker so as my life unveils I feel that part of my purpose is to also work as a lightworker when the path is ready when I am ready.

7. You manage to get amazing shots on just your phone. Do you have any plans to purchase a professional camera?
Yes, I would like to someday invest in a camera. There are so many angles I would like to take but am unable to with my phone. However, I am pleased with what my phone currently offers. I may even try to get a tripod for my phone first.

8. Do you have any intentions to take a more formal approach? As in... do you plan to take any photography courses?
Not currently. I've come to realize that when I make something I enjoy anything more than that, I lose my love and passion for it. 
For example, I loved yoga. I took my YTT 200 and I left feeling like I had learned nothing. I have not done yoga since. I lost all respect and love for it. It may come back someday but I try to go with the flow. If I love it, I will do it but I won't turn anything into something that makes my brain feel like "I have to do this"... it just becomes a chore and I no longer enjoy it.

9. What inspires you to live your life? Aside from nature, I mean.
In October 2015 I almost lost my dad when he was T-boned and had his neck broken. The doctor said he should be dead. It woke me up and put a fear into me that I am here for more than the purpose to exist. Even, if I don't currently know what that purpose is. Being alive inspires me to live my life. Life is too short and I don't know if I will wake up tomorrow. I want to live each day even if it is only for 5 minutes sitting on my step with a tea breathing in the fresh air.

10. Lastly... tell me (and the readers) something positive and/or inspirational... to end on a good note!
This quote: "I like people who get excited about the change of seasons, the sound of the ocean, watching a sunset, the smell of rain and starry nights". ~~Brooke Hampton
11. Any final comments?
That saying "we only live once"...
No! We only die once, we live Every. Fucking. Day. So live it the best way you can!
Try, one minute at a time. Just try.

Thanks Amanda! :3

-Devin Joseph Meaney

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