Saturday, January 2, 2021

Split Review: Post-Mortem Response/Born Backwards Split (Shootin Music) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Country: USA
Genre: Goregrind
Location: Austin, Texas
Country: USA
Genre: Goregrind/gorenoise
Split: Post-Mortem Response/Born Backwards Split
Format: Cassette
Label: Shootin Music (USA)
Release date: April 14, 2020
My last few reviews focused on black metal... so once again; it is now time to focus on a bit of that grind nonsense. Due to my desire for gargling and gurgling... I was led to the 2020 split between Born Backwards and Post-Mortem Response. I had already heard of Born Backwards, and I can honestly say what I have heard in the past was excellent. But I am new to Post-Mortem Response... so let us indulge!
After listening to the Born Backwards portion of this split; I can say that nothing has changed much. Everything is slightly tighter for Born Backwards (with the new stuff, I mean) but the sound is pretty much the same. Which is not exactly a bad thing. As I said earlier, the last tracks I heard from this band were super fun and put together pretty well.
Moving on, I am taken to Post-Mortem Response. Now, the music on this side is a lot more lo-fi. But it is also a bit more spastic. Frantic, even. You can really feel the aggression on this side of the split, and although personally I find the Born Backwards to be more up my alley, I cannot deny that the intensity and atmosphere of the Post-Mortem Response material is quite intriguing. I am reminded of cheesy horror films and related leanings; and those that enjoy their music pushing forth on extremes and excess are sure to frolic within the soundscape provided here.
In closing, both of these bands manage to entice listeners with a gore filled splatter fest for the ears. And providing you like that kind of thing; I think this split will tickle your fancy.
Also... black metal is not for losers. And praise Jesus! Devin out! –Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. Source of the Smell
2. Filling Chicago Potholes with Dead Bodies
3. Black Metal is for Losers
4. Cheers to Grind and Poverty
5. Frog Skipping
6. Seltzer Butt Chugz
7. Post-Mortem Response Side

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