Thursday, June 4, 2015

CD review: THE INSEKTLIFE CYCLE Purple Gaze by Teresa Clayton

Purple Gaze
Purple Gaze, by seems to be just another instrumental compilation until you begin to listen to Tristful Ecstasy. Here you get the psychedelic output I believe was the intention behind this compilation. Good listening music and great for those who prefer the spacier computer generated sounds accompanying the talent that lies on the cusp of insightful music and the unusual blend of electronic sound. Purple Drank in a contradiction. It teases with mellow meditative notes and then becomes anxious and unnerving. The whole of the piece is a reflection of a day in the life... however, I would prefer to have one or the other. The bi-polar melody is not something I could listen to. The second song on the album, Purple Gaze, is a continuation of the first. It is the third song on the album that makes the difference. Tristful Ecstasy is quite a pleasant surprise after listening to the first two melodies. It is every bit the nostalgic inklings of the early 1970's psychedelics combined with the electronic era. It remains constant and true throughout - there are not hidden surprises, the listener can relax and enjoy the oddities that make this piece unique and mind-alteringly brilliant. -Teresa Clayton