Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CD Review: DISTERROR Catharsis

Akracia Records (CD)
Caligari Records (Cassette)
A sonic assault blending hardcore and in your face heaviness. An album that showcases this bands skill at their instruments. This is one of those experiences that leaves you with the feeling that there is still originality and experimentation going on in the realms of the underground. Each song brings its own unique taste to the ears, the styles blend masterfully. It is a breath of fresh air in a place where there is a lot of hot air. The standout track here is "Gilgamesh"… eight minutes of pure joy. Do yourself a favor and get this in your playlist, it is definitely one of the better releases the underground has had to offer this year. -Erik Martin

Track list:
1. Viva la Muerte
2. Condemned to Survive
3. Out of Nothing
4. Raices
5. Gilgamesh
6. Labyrinth
7. Catharsis

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