Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CD Review: TORVER From Beyond The Abyss

From Beyond The Abyss
This is a raw, gritty and unapologetic release. Black metal in its most brutal form. Torver come with all out savagery and keep the intensity throughout. The compositions are well done... angry, sadistic... you almost get a feeling of wanting to run for your own life after listening to this. The vocals are on point for black metal. There is this haunting doom about them, like listening to your own eulogy. This is a must listen and buy if black metal makes you happy. Torver must have channeled the great north on this one, because they have created a very caustic assault on your senses. -Erik Martin

Track list:
1. Manifestation of the Perverse
2. From Beyond The Abyss
3. Torn Apart by Rats
4. Thy Maters of Old

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