Monday, November 16, 2015

Fiction: DEIMOS ASYLUM by Daina Lewis

Fiction by Daina Lewis

Eyes flash open.
The fog of disorientation is thick in the mind.
Where am I? What's going on?
Looking around, I see nothing familiar. Walls are made of field stone. A picnic style table stands about 20ft away.  No windows. No light source, yet the room has some dismal light. I try to stand, only to find I'm bound to the wall and sitting on the dirt floor.
Shoulders are held to the wall by steel straps. U-shaped cuffs above the elbows hold my arms tight against the stone wall. I cannot move away from the wall at all.
I don't know how I got here.
Fog begins to burn away and I start to realize where I am. I don't know how I got here. This shouldn't be!
I've lost control and I don't know how! This can't end well.
Something hits me on the left side of the head causing my face to turn to the right. I feel pain! I never felt pain before. Stinging with pain, I look to the left.
Standing there, is the man himself. The one that rules all of this. Deimos.
"Wake up bitch." He grunts. "You have to watch this. It's going to be fun." He leans over to me, puts some kind of drops on my eyelids, then holds them open. When he finally removes his fingers, I cannot close my eyes or blink.
I notice three demons have appeared now. I know they were not here before. Now they are seated at the picnic table, smoking tobacco. The table is covered with beer and food.
Then I notice HER. She's on the opposite wall and to my right, beside the table. I don't know her name or anything about her, only that I seem to be charged with protecting her.
I've lost control.
Her arms are stretch above her head.  Wrists chained to the wall. She is slouched with her butt about two feet away from the wall. Her legs are spread and chained to the floor. She has no clothing.
"I'll get you out of this." I tell her.
“Shut up!" A demon at the table barks out as he slaps the soul of her left foot with a flogger.
She doesn't flinch. I however, scream as I feel pain in my left foot.
The demon roars with laughter.  "You're going to love this shit." It hisses and points to my left.
Deimos is still standing there. He has a sinister grin on his face. He's holding a metal device I've never seen before. No one has. From the side, it is in the shape of a "J" with the curved part being very sharp and ending in a point. From the top, it resembles the shape of football field goal posts, but at the end of the 'uprights" are what can be called claws.
"Special treat for you, bitch!" He spits out, then trods over to her.
I don't know what's going to happen, but it can't be good.
He leans down and places the point of the device between her legs, just a breath away from her genitals. Cackling with laughter, he then slams the claws into her body.
I shudder from the impact as I feel the pain of the claws that have dug into her lower ribs.
My screams echo off the dungeon walls. The demons explode with glee and laughter.
"I'm sorry!" I manage to yell out, through the pain. Deimos looks at me, shakes his head, then removes his hand from the device.
It instantly comes to life and starts to move slowly.  Trying to pull itself up her body, it slowly pulls the point into the flesh, slicing as it goes. Blood begins to flow like a stream. She doesn't even flinch. I'm in agony.
I struggle against my restraints, trying to break free and end this now.
"I failed you! I'm sorry! I've lost control!" I wheeze out.
The demons as they watch while gulping beer and filling the room with smoke.
"It's not your fault." She says calmly with a look of peace on her face.
The device has moved as far up as the cycle of its short arms allow. It stops with the tip just under the pubic bone. I struggle to catch my breath.
The claws pull out of the ribs. I gasp with relief and pain. She slumps forward.  The claws are still in motion though!
"Watch this shit." A demon says with a smirk. With a head hung in pain that can't be described, I roll my eyes up to see what's next.
The claws raise up, then slam into a higher point on her chest.
Jesus! This isn't over with at all! It's still going!
She gasps in shock at the dull impact she registers. I grunt from the sensation. My brain is already shutting down the pain sensors, but I still feel the machines activity.
It begins another cycle, splitting, cracking and breaking the pubis. The sounds echo through the dungeon as the demons roar with delight.
Again I struggle against my bonds, but only feel the rocks I'm pined against digging into the flesh of the back of my arms. Yet I struggle anyway.
The maniacal device pulls itself forward, slicing into the abdomen. Every nuance of the sensation felt by me.
Blood sprays out of her as intestine spill out, releasing bowel as they fall away. It resets for another cycle.
"I'll get you to a doctor.  We can fix you." I whisper.
"It's not your fault."
"What does it take to shut you two up?"
Claws slam again. The blade pulls even higher.  One of the demons picks up an empty beer can and the ash tray. He leans over to her, empties the ashtray into her abdomen and shove the empty can into her as well.
"Always said she was nothing but trash." It says as the others erupt in laughter, pounding their fists against the table. The others start putting their trash in the same area.
The device resets again.
More slicing.
She's still breathing. But how?
Exhaustion sets in. I can't react. I still struggle against the bonds, rocks digging deeper and deeper.
Slicing. Diaphragm now cut.
No strength. Can't struggle.
Tears of sorrow and failure roll down my cheek.
She now sits in a pond of blood, organs on open display.
Claws pull on the shoulder.
Blade against the breast bone.
Deimos stops the machine and takes it out of her. They remove her restraints.  Arms fall to her side.
Deimos and the demons disappear.
My bonds open up.
I manage to get to my feet. I must help her. Her lungs are still working, but I can't figure how. I see her heart beating but can't imagine what it's pumping.  She can't have much blood left. How is she still alive?
I manage to cross the room.
I pull all the trash out of her that they deposited. I pull out things I didn't see in the room, like a puppy frolicking in the entrails.
With all the trash removed I pick her up in a cradling fashion.
"I'm sorry. We'll get you fixed. You'll be alright."
I look into her eyes and see only peace, love and serenity radiating from them.
"It's not your fault."
Blackness envelopes us. Everything disappears.
I wake suddenly, sitting straight up, drenched in perspiration and breathing hard. I look around, gathering my wits.
Had it all really all been only in my head?
Another fucking night terror.
I lay back down in the bed. Pain races to my brain from my arms. Exploring the source of the pain, I discover deep, jagged gouges in the back of my arms.


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