Saturday, April 8, 2017

Article: Child Pornography Epidemic Reaches Pagan Community by Elena Karis

Child Pornography Epidemic Reaches Pagan Community
By Elena Karis, April 7, 2017
Also posted at her Weebly profile

It is such a very sad and angry day for the pagan community at large with the news of a Wiccan High Priest, Kenneth (Kenny) Klein having been found guilty of twenty counts of child pornography. We hear about people all the time of being arrested and found guilty for the crime but it comes as a huge blow to the pagan community worldwide. Many Wiccans and other pagans are thinking “And ye harm none, do what ye will” (which is the Wiccan Creed or law if you will.)
Having known Kenny for more than half my life and having seen him perform his songs at various pagan gatherings and even at a couple of Ren Fairs I found it hard to believe. Kenny always came off as a very likeable person, loving and caring but deep down he was really hiding who he truly is.
We have all either known someone or know of someone in our own lives or even in our neighborhood who has been convicted of child pornography. We label them as sick, evil, twisted, and we often wish harm to come to them for what they have done. It seems more and more of these sick people are being caught thanks in part to the sexual crimes units across the country.
There is no cure for someone who, let’s tell the truth here, perpetuates harm to our children by downloading or even filming these heinous crimes and it isn’t like they wear a brand on their forehead so that we can easily identify them and protect our children.
The pagan community at large is going to have to find a way in which to better protect their children from the predators that are in their circles. It is unknown at this time what will be the rule of thumb on allowing new pagans into a community will be however there is no doubt that the leaders of individual communities are trying to think of ways to insure safety for all.

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