Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'Slave Labored Severance in Sovereign Obelisk Shadow' by Alan Lisanti

Slave Labored Severance in Sovereign Obelisk Shadow

from below these monuments
wide eyed wonder, astonishment
and they, immortal in aging stone
un-weathered by the curse of time
and their stories transcend centuries
and their legends larger than past lives
their legacies upheld, strengthened by mortal minds
and imaginations, in rituals, in worship, in ideologies, in laws
and principals, in sacred temples, in ancient texts
in prosperity and plague and blood and perpetual death
the gaze of admiration tempts him twisted in the soul, he is
primed for elevation won’t the unworthy bow around his presence
lifted from the curse of mediocrity
a throne fit for a king on a cloud
power unbound unquestioned unthwarted
flesh eternal in this world
where every story has an end every being an expiration
he will be revered beyond these forces
carried in the hearts of men to bridge the void in flawed design
to assert meaning beyond the relative in the theatre of divination
to offer them the purpose to serve
to cast aside their cause their power and their virtue
to be doused in the blood of swine
disguised as sheep and stripped of instinct
to be cloaked in the jesters’ robes
to be the hand of creation on the assembly line

serving self-appointed deities

charismatic and celebrated

puppets on a power trip

pulling strings and mouthing clich├ęs to the masses

hanging onto these false promises

when every word was bought and sold

every ideology paid and polished

so when the hooks sink into their jaws

and pull in opposing directions,

you receive the force fed teachings with ease

you swallow the fabric sewn by desires of ambitious lament

so that he may be impostor standing tall on holy mountain

and those below, and you beneath

carving granite with the chisel of dementia

bloodied fingers wrapped around tools of the trade

like scalpel, brain surgery-architects of pestilence

steel glistened when reflected light from sun,

 catches eyes, reawakens realization

this device also a weapon

work is done

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