Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'Cauterized!' by Rich Orth

by Rich Orth

Not unlike beauty
Is in the eye
of the beholder
Thoughts arise
Flow forth
Well contemplated
Conceived with purpose
Though when delved
into by third parties
Embrace new meaning
Leaning towards new
Connotations undreamt
Vexation of spirit
Perceived as joyous
Desolation of dreams
Viewed as contentment
Toying with vocabulary
Molestation of lexicons
Cheshire smile
As pen becomes scalpel
Intricately slicing
In fervent attempts to heal
Mending surreptitiously
Initially at first
Then outward with
wanton abandon
Carving a scarring path
Ending only when transference
And the bleeding of the ink
Successfully is cauterized

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