Sunday, April 23, 2017

EP Review: AKOUPHENOM Flesh Sublimation

Flesh Sublimation
Today I got a great ear smash of music today let me introduce Akouphenom from Coruña, Spain.
This band has some very interesting music in the style of Black/Death metal but I do hear some Black funeral doom in certain parts in their music. The first track Elater Animi starts off as this eerie intro this man is mumbling something like a satanic prayer to conjure up the depths of all hells and the music in the back is frightening like something outta a gore movie.
The second track Absurd Of The Arkhe has a very somber guitar attack the song is sang with patterns that reeks of guttural vocals the band has very good timing with each other making this song sound strong and powerful and, it has unique elements in there approach so many different things going on with time signature's I feel this song should be a graveyard classic.
The third track Upper Cycle Of The Infinitails has a crazy vocal tone to the song almost like an altar of madness approach this song is will make anyone bang their head off very brutal. The drummer is so superb in this song showcasing blast and different drum techniques with tons of changes making this song sound like a thunderous machine.
The fourth track Incorporeal this song is fucking killer has a bit of old school morbid angel influence on this one the solo's and guitar rhythms are just so demonic and so heavy mixed with doom death in it. I love this song I could jam it all day
The fifth and final track is an outro ending this chaotic masterful piece of music for both genre's of many and many others in the underground with so much going on with all these tracks its just so hard to take your ears away from the ear spank this band just gave me today. -Gene Olivarri

Track list:
1. Elater Animi
2. Absurd Of The Arkhe
3. Upper Cycle Of The infinitails
4. Incorporeal
5. Bloops

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