Friday, April 14, 2017

Video Review: TIBERIUS PROJECT Starvation by Dave Wolff

I heard of the Brazilian thrashers Tiberius ProjecT in the late 2000s, around the time their debut album Tiberius ProjecT/Dream Over had been out and they were preparing to release the single United For Metal/The Hymn, an impressive power metal outing. Again you may have read their interview in the printed incarnation of this zine, specifically issue 18. After this it would be a while before we heard from the band again. Release-wise they suddenly fell silent and remained so for several years though I remained in touch with frontman Dibih. Despite not releasing anything in the way of full lengths they promoted consistently on social media and models like Amethyst Wynter and Michi Sixx (likewise interviewees for AEA) helped advertise their gear. A new promotional video was recently released for a song that has been part of their repertoire for some time. A marked improvement in songwriting has turned out from those years of inactivity as they decided to take this song in a different direction from their previous single. Starvation sees them forego the addition of keyboards and anthemic choruses for a post-thrash style not unlike Sepultura and Prong. More time seems to have been taken to write and arrange the progressions, penning the lyrics and allowing for a midsong guitar solo that further emphasizes the growth the band shows in the song’s five minute length. The video is shot mostly in black and white with clear production, clean professionalism and equal emphasis on the band, the lyrics and the imagery enhancing the song’s message of full scale war and its effect on poverty stricken countries. My only complaint is there is no information offered as to who filmed the video at the Youtube link where I watched it. However if nine other songs like this were completed and a new full length was release you can be certain that TB would be making an impression. The impression left on me was that I wanted to hear more. Recommended watching. -Dave Wolff

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