Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Video Review: MISANTHROPE MONARCH The Brotherhood Of Destruction by Dave Wolff

The first video release from the album "Regress To The Saturnine Chapter"
Produced by Meat Mystery
Misanthrope Monarch’s first promotional video since their self-titled 2014 MCD promises much for their debut full length which is to be released in the near future. The German death metal band have proven themselves professional in each sense of the word for an act that handles and promotes their material independently, and their clip for The Brotherhood Of Destruction is another example of this. The sound and filming quality speaks of a seasoned bunch of musicians, as if the band was several years into their career. It’s a clear example of a band benefitting from little money and label backing but more creative control. The production is such that you can hear each note and percussion hit with sharp decipherability, brazenly challenging the now outdated notion that extreme metal bands lack talent. You can even interpret the lyrics without needing a lyric sheet. The way this adds to the song’s appeal is that both guitarists often play two different riffs in the same measures and complement what the other is doing. The effect this produces is penetrating and opens a door or two for bands to expand on this dual guitar approach. It was a risk to try this, but alternating between this method and reverting back to more traditional harmonizing is a step in the right direction for Misanthrope Monarch, and I hope they pursue this with even greater originality and enthusiasm on the new album. Beginning and ending the song with the same atmospheric keyboards is another fitting touch to the song. The video has the band in partial silhouette and a few occult references that don’t seem as played out as some occult references in metal tend to be. Highly recommended for death metal fans, this song is technical and experimental while losing an ounce of brutality. -Dave Wolff

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