Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'His Beast' by Coralie Rowe

His Beast

It simmers inside him this fury
A consuming fire that burns
But noone ever pays heed
They just never, ever learn

He keeps hisself so quiet
Trying to hide this tormenting rage
But how does he control the beast
If he, is its only cage

He continues to fight it daily
He normally wins the fight
Yet somedays he can't appease it
And it boils over at the smallest slight

Then the beast is unloosed
He quivers with an unbridled need
The demon that lies inside of him
Rises now to complete the deed

Taking the one who prevoked
This insatiable need to excise
He lays you out on the table
Placing your head, tight in a vice

Painstakingly slowly
He will rip the skin from your face
Relishing in your agony
As you thrash about the place

Turning the handle leisurely
As the pressure he begins to increase
Watching whats left of your face intently
As the muscles and bones crease

Memorizing the moment
That sweet addictive rush
Watching your eyes begin to bulge
As your skull he starts to crush

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