Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Promotional Video Review: BATUSHKA "Chapter V: Funeral - Pierwyj Czas" by Ashara Armand

Band: Batushka
Location: Białystok
Country: Poland
Genre: Black metal
Video: Chapter V: Funeral - Pierwyj Czas (Первый час)
Taken from the full length Hospodi (Господи), released on Metal Blade Records July 12, 2019
Release date: July 16, 2019
HERESY! This band came from the abyss with their black metal. Born in 2015. They paved the way for modern black metal. They have established themselves with power, their ancient magic of dark worship. The Black Metal Band Batushka spits fire into their music. The fury in their lyrics. It brings back into a time of worship. A time of pride and death. They have unleashed some new work. Chapter V: Funeral - Pierwyj Czas (Первый час). When you watch this video. You hear small ticking. You wait until you hear the final tone of the music. It is ominous and draws you in when you are listening. The sound of rebirth is starting and you are doing your best to understand. There is death that surrounds this song. The tone of dark worship. The mysticism. The glory and the way of it. You hear the dark chanting, the violent strong undertones of the strong.
They bring you back to real power before they took away it. They are bringing it back to the people. A sign of rebirth and channeling the minds of many. It is a dark cry of poetic rage. When you first hear them it surprises you. This talent that came all the way from Eastern Poland. The song and their music enchanted me. It brings you of where they come from. How they rise from the shadows and appear out of no one. That is how it catches you. It draws you in. I am reminded of other bands that I admire, Gojira, Solstfir, and Mgla. They are going back to their roots, howling at the night like demons. They haunt you with their music. It means you to listen, to know, to feel, to love, and worship. They have a few different albums that take you to an unholy place. They call their newest album Hospodi (Господи). Take a moment and listen. See what you think about it and allow it to wash over you with their dark wave of horror. -Ashara Armand

Варфоломей: Vocals
Paweł Jaroszewicz: Drums

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