Thursday, October 17, 2019

EP Review: ZEN REVOLT "2020 Vision" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Location: Warrington
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Heavy melodic rock
Label: Independent
Format: Digital, streaming
Release date: September/October, 2019
When I interviewed Fatal Reigns of Zen Revolt last July he told me they were practicing on a weekly basis and preparing to record an EP from August to September. I assume he was referring to “2020 Vision” since its three tracks were released for streaming over the last couple of months. More recently I was told Fatal was no longer a member of the band and the tracks on “2020 Vision” is a different listing than was previously intended. This information came from Diz Higham, who is currently the last remaining founding member and putting a new lineup together. Higham does a decent job recording, mixing and producing this EP (the mastering was done by Landr), as if a full band was involved in the process songwriting and recording. “2020 Vision” boasts a natural synthesis of blues rock, early metal and grunge. There are some commercial highlights similar to Foreigner and Whitesnake, but those are minimal and the EP mostly approximates to early Rush, early Kiss, Foreigner, Diamond Head, Hawkwind and Alice In Chains. While having the clarity you’d expect from digital equipment, the production retains the rawness of proto-metal from the sixties and seventies. Higham’s guitars hearken to Jimmy Page and Randy Rhoads and he likewise understands the importance of a solid rhythm section. Most of the emphasis is placed on progressions displaying dexterity and something of a feel of grotesque carnival satire. The bass and drums are backup, but the production makes it clear the backup is needed to emphasize the effort that goes into the songwriting. The arrangement is tight and the guitars work with the backing instruments rather than hogging the spotlight. The Alice In Chains comparison I made earlier stems from lyrics that center on loneliness, faded love and shadows of a former life. They are based on personal experiences, which make the songs easier for me to relate to. -Dave Wolff

Diz Higham: All vocals and instruments

Track list:
1. Live In Your Time
2. Bleed Beneath My Skin
3. Lead

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  1. Dave Wolff what can i say but thank you so much for not only the review, the descriptive way you have used your words but more for taking the time to write this about me my music and ZEN REVOLT PROJECT truly am grateful

    thank you