Monday, October 7, 2019

Poem: "Sweet Liberty's Hell!" by Rich Orth

Sweet Liberty's Hell!
Rich Orth

Astonishing facade... masques truth
Oh, how it patronizes
Oh, how beauty disguises
Devises waves so soothing
'Fore inconsistency surrounds youth
...drowns you with lies

Syncopated sorrows
Pound upon once silent shores
Eroding all my morrows
Corroding simple thought

Suffocating tomorrows
Wherest I am alone
She...tempest in the teapot
Burgeoning systematic boil
Evaporates all likelihood
Of salvation... of kissin' blessed soil

Just once more....

So simple... the thought...

Consecrates deepest essence

In irrelevant irrelevancies

Smiling inconsistencies

Shun mirrors reflection

Deny sanctities inflection...

Conviction...guilty I plead

Sentence ended in exclamation

Proclamation.... Farewell to arms

To charms of Sweet Liberty's hell...

Of her coinage given to Charon

Desperation caused me felled

Conclusion... simply foregone

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