Thursday, June 11, 2015

CD review: CEPHEIDE De silence et de Suie by Victor Varas

De silence et de Suie
Well, well, what do we have here? This is another impressive atmospheric black metal band, delivering a high quality demo full of depressive guitars, doomed melodies and melancholic auras. France is been the cradle of many black entities lately and I think that the genre has found new cold breath here. These guys formed the band in 2013 and recorded a four track demo in July 2014. If you ask me, I must say I heard the entire demo three times by now, and I'm still finding more dark elements inside layers and layers of open-chord guitars, as well as aggressive structures. I liked how they create violent passages like a trip into inner thoughts. Many sections are 100% atmospheric, and almost hypnotic. But you will not lose the line as everything is tied with a dark and expressive shadow of melancholy. Also, I barely can hear vocal lines, which definitely is not to be antagonist. Beyond that, the guitar riffs and drums form a poisonous abyss with grey walls of intense black metal. This is pure emotional black metal. Recommended for those who are looking for new names in the genre and for those who like to close their eyes and let the soul flow in sharp and holocaustic guitar chords. It’s a gem from French underground metal. -Victor Varas