Thursday, June 11, 2015

CD review: DEATH CURSE Death Curse by Dave Wolff

Death Curse
Razorback Records
Death Curse is an album I wouldn’t have hesitated to pick up in the 80s, given my love for thrash metal and horror/gore flicks. If you’re a speed metal veteran, Missouri’s Death Curse will take you back to when thrash was new, exciting and cutting edge, and horror movies were not oversaturated with CGI. For the advancements computers have led to in filmmaking, and the popularity the horror and splatter genres gained since Scream and Blair Witch were released, Friday The 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie and other 70s classics retain a certain appeal for people who saw them in theaters. Even if they turned out cheesy, flicks from the following decade are remembered for laying the groundwork. More obscure movies like Suspiria, Cannibal Holocaust and Gates Of Hell are appreciated for that special atmosphere that’s difficult to duplicate even with the most sophisticated modern equipment. I myself am a child of that era so of course this CD will have a nostalgic appeal for me. 70s horror is given the band’s treatment with a clear impression that the band were cryogenically frozen like that guy in Faces Of Death and revived a couple years ago. The movie samples were chosen by guitarist Assassin and he apparently has good taste and a knowledge of cinema history. The music is as old school as the subject matter, appealing to fans of Metallica, D.R.I. and Misfits. I heard some Megadeth influence in these songs as well; definitely an early 80s Bay Area feel. The production is mostly clean, especially where the guitars are concerned. They don’t seem to need much distortion to contribute to this album though the drum production could admittedly use some work. The cover art of Jason Voorhees is by Mario Lopez who has designed covers for other Razorback bands. Death Curse cover Venom’s Nightmare which is another plus for this album. -Dave Wolff