Saturday, April 23, 2016

CD Review: LIMB FROM LIMB Delimbed By The Minions

Delimbed By The Minions
This three track EP by the brutal death metal outfit Limb From Limb hailing from Australia had indeed made me feel "Delimbed". From beginning to end it is a constant onslaught of brutal and heavy. The production on this record is decent, which really allows for the heaviness to shine through. For example on "Rise of the Rotted" there is for lack of a better word "breakdown" and it is very clear and concise and just all around heavy. The vocals in places will remind you of some black metal type screams when they get high, but for the most part very typical of you would find in a really brutal death band. All in all, even though this EP is short, it packs a very big punch for its size and has memorable moments that will have you going back to headbang over and over again. -Erik Martin

Track list:
1. Rise Of The Rotted
2. Relentlessly Beheaded
3. Man Shall Abolish

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