Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'Ode to Necrophilia' by Jonathan Hawk

Ode to Necrophilia
By Jonathan Hawk

Something’s come between us
and it’s beginning to hurt.
Something’s come between us
and I believe it is... dirt.
So I dig and I dig,
all night I shall toil.
I will have you once more,
enough with this soil.
Not a day goes by that
I don’t see your beautiful eyes.
Pity I have to share you
with the maggots and flies.
My beauty, your present state,
will no doubt be quite squalid...
Whats this?
I’ve struck something solid!
Moving aside the earth,
it is indeed the casket lid.
I must not be discovered.
Heaven shall forbid!
Petite, lovely, embalmed...
beauty that I plunder.
I beat and I break
this wooden lid asunder.
Finally, my love,
I have you in my gaze.
Very soon I will love you
in unimaginable ways...
Your makeup and your flesh
has began to run.
Hopefully rigor mortis
won’t spoil all the fun.

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