Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'Twisted' by Teilla Whitington

By Teilla Whitington

The moment I let you into my life, was the moment I thought I was ready enough to face what was coming, the moment I thought I could prove to you that love still exist, the moment I thought you meant forever in the words you spoke, and always in the tears that dropped on your pillow after seeing me.... That very moment, I thought, that I could do this, but just like that, you showed me how fucking wrong I was to believe that. How someone so kind and loving, can grab you by the throat and breathe word of self hate into you as they kiss your lips, oh so soft. Leaving you laying on the floor, staring blankly at your hands trying to forget what it was like to touch them.... How in every moment you felt more and more Invisible... How they left you for fucking dead, with make-up down your face and a knife In your heart, and as they walked away, every step was like the knife was being twisted... As if you are the roast at Christmas time, carving away at your very existence... Prove to me how wrong I am, I whispered... And as you did... With in that moment..

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