Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'Execrated Existence' by Coralie Rowe

Execrated Existence
The skin on his scalp is crawling
A sensation of prickling torment
A precursor of a dire warning
His blood, it starts to ferment

A fever that is all consuming
It swallows his senses whole
His psychosis is resuming
Sweet madness does cajole

Distorting his thoughts with ire
He does not seek to repent
Devoured with a burning desire
Into his insanity, he has been sent

His raging complusions emerge
A derisive twist upon his face
Caught up in this malicious surge
His heart pounds at a furious pace

His whole being aches with a need
An addiction for blood and gore
Completing with pleasure the deed
The agonized screaming, he adores

Sustaining this torturous pain
He relishes in your death this night
Dissevering you again and again
Engrossed in your morbid plight

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