Thursday, April 28, 2016

CD Review: NEID Atomoxetine

Neid is an Italian Grindcore band formed in 2007 through the dissolving of other projects and a similar musical outlook. "Atomoxetine" is their uncompromising 2016 full length release.
Commencing with "Continuous Use"- heavy distortion provides an aggressive and chaotic feel aided by samples and raised pitch. Almost droning instrumentals are broken by another layer of sound and pitch, providing an almost uncomfortable but intriguing musical approach. Continual shifts in pitch and distortion towards the conclusion enable an interesting, unsettling and enticing feel- leaving the listener in anticipation for the next track. A solid opening track which provides a small insight into what Neid is capable of.
"Painting Death" commences with an aggressive, hard-hitting and brutal approach. Complete with amplified speed, guttural vocals and grinding guitars broken by methodical and intense drum work ensures a commanding track. The use of brief silences to announce the next switch in tone proves to be highly effective- as it serves to leave the next section resonating in the listener’s ears. A pitch shift signifies a more brutal approach- aggressive vocals combined with heavy distortion use and ceaseless drum work mid track ensure the listener’s continual interest. A grinding guitar interval splices "Painting Death” before launching into a brief melodic section and seamlessly shifting back into an instrumental. Heavy with distortion, tempo changes and a rolling cadence broken by inventive and technical drumming provide a tight interval. An aggressive blast of brutal vocals blends cohesively with the musically consistent and brutal approach displayed. A final blast of drum work assaults your ears before a brutal growl announces the conclusion.
"The Failure" provides a blatantly aggressive, intimidating approach. While a grind-groove opening commences this track- the onslaught of the sheer harsh wave of sound in the next section displays an intelligent concept. Slamming guitar work combined with relentless and brutal drum lines provide an ideal accompaniment to the guttural vocals. Continual pitch shifts combined with technical and intense drum lines ensure the listener is left speechless. A riff is indicative to a vocal pitch change and lifts this track into a more relentless feel, heavy with grinding guitars and an unstoppable feel while remaining brutal. The technical and consistent drum work adds an extra quality. The concluding section allows guttural vocals to be the focus with an abrupt ending consistent with Neid's style.
"Virtual Shape" begins with a dramatic ambient sample of orchestral background with a lone chant providing an unsettling start. Blasting drum work combined with distortion heavy guitars announce the customary brutality. Brutal and consistent drum work switching rapidly into equally seamlessly back ensure a relentless quality. Aggressive vocals are emphasized by the rapid drum work. It’s broken briefly by a rapid shift into grind-groove before catapulting the listener into a chaotic mid-section with blasting drum work and fast paced, guttural vocals. Rapid vocal pitch shifts further the sound while remaining consistent to this release. A grinding pitch and cadence shifting conclusion provide insight into the technical aspects displayed.
"Saturated Child" shifts in a slower pace while remaining heavy. A more melodic guitar provides a contrast to the masterful drum work. A vocal section breaks the instrumental- instantly producing the speed and brutality while providing a stark contrast. Brief pauses ensure the listener notices the distinct tempo and pitch changes utilized consistently. The drum section towards the conclusion is a welcome interval purely for the speed and delivery. Periodic pauses between intervals add to the slight anticipation. "Atomoxetine"- the namesake track is a short, sharp and brutal onslaught. Frantically fast paced with a thoroughly chaotic feel. A relentlessly brutal mid-section changes tempo rapidly to add further aggression. A guttural growl and barking, aggressive approach aids the frantic feel.
"New Threat" commences with atmospheric, repetitive echoing vocals. Rapidly switching pitch- the vocals provide a chaotic, frantic yet balanced feel. Accentuated by the hammering background- the use of a discordant riff announces a change into a more chaotic section. A brutal instrumental section displays the sheer speed and technicality. Shifting tempo seamlessly provides added depth. The concluding section utilizes the customary brutal vocals and heavy musical section amplified by the abrupt end.
"Vultures of Incorporation" begins with a slower, more apprehensive feel before ripping into an aural assault. Switching pace and style rapidly and seamlessly display more versatility while remaining cohesive and chaotic. Despite being under a minute in length it is a masterful displa- an attention commanding track which continues to remain consistent.
"Pay Independently" commences with staccato paced dialogue before entering a maelstrom of brutality. Technical drum work sets the tone. A dramatic shift in pace provides a welcome contrast to the brutal vocals while maintaining the cacophony. A mid track instrumental allows a brief respite before the vocals continue- shifting pace and tone into an aggressive shout aided by the insanity of the background. Rapidly shifting styles continually provides a cohesive, intelligent feel. An excellent display.
"Satisfy My Hunger" begins with a fast paced, melodic cadence. Launching straight into guttural growls backed by distorted guitars provides a background for insightful pauses. Continual and consistent in the characteristic speed of Neid ensures "Satisfy My Hunger" is commanding. The switch to a slower, threatening feel provides a musically cohesive background for the vocals and abrupt end.
"Restore The Judgement" commences with a different approach. Timely pauses break brief and rapid paced interludes before the riotous introduction. A slight punk influence is displayed- consistent and fluid switches ensure the listener's attention. Rapidly switching into a frantic vocal section with technically sound drum work provides an adrenalin rush. Continuing to switch styles, cadence and pitch provides an unrelenting, uncompromising and aggressive feel. A bass solo breaks the wall of sound before an instrumental interval largely dominated by insanely rapid drum work. Rapid, aggressive and grinding- "Restore The Judgement" is lifted by harsh and aggressive vocals. The sheer amount of style, pace and cadence changes are enthralling. Concluding with a grind-groove instrumental section with growling vocals provide a catchy end.
"Memory May Kill The Need" throws the listener into a frantic assault, uncompromising as it is extreme. Rapid and seamless pitch shifts accompanied by timely and consistent pauses allow added appreciation. Ruthlessly aggressive and brutal, it provides an insight into Neid's distinctive sound. An emphasis on grinding guitars and a droning harmonic pitch shift indicate an instrumental break mid-section- heavy with the use of pauses to create a menacing feel. The addition of drum work amplifies this section, broken by screaming guitar work. A sample artfully combined with the instrumental creates a distorted element before launching into a brutal and aggressive conclusion. Neid's diversity is something to be admired, their obvious dedication and commitment is displayed in every level of "Atomoxetine". A diverse release that ensures immediate interest. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Continuous Use
2. Painting Death
3. The Failure
4. Virtual Shape
5. Saturated Child
6. Atomoxetine
7. New Threat
8. Vultures Of Incorporation
9. Pay Independently
10. I Hate Work
11. Satisfy My Hunger
12. Restore The Judgement
13. Memory May Kill The Need
14. Breed To Breed

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