Friday, June 10, 2016

Artist Review: GABBIE RAE by Teresa Clayton

Gabbie Rae is not just a vocalist in a band, she is a phenomenon and her bandmates are quite capable weaving their magic behind her. This is one cohesive sound that strikes like lightening without the burn; the sensation crawls up your arms and your spine and feels so good. I listen to a plethora of vocalists and bands and sometimes I get lucky. Here I am watching a young woman command the attention of her audience with the ease of an accomplished and established legend. Gabbie Rae is a 17 year old woman on the fast track, rising quickly and taking over in a world of other worthy vocal stars. She is from Los Angeles but belongs to each and every state here, where ordinary people hear her and become instant fans. This Niji Entertainment signed Artist is currently working on her debut album and the anticipation is palpable. You can find her doing her "thing" on Youtube - watch and be amazed! -Teresa Clayton

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