Friday, June 3, 2016

Video Review: GASH Ritual by Robert Uller

Live at Gotham Grindhouse, Tammany Hall, NYC
Filmed and edited by Kevin Vonesper (Vonesper Studios)
GASH is an S&M Punk Rock from South Philadelphia. I’m going to start here, I'M IN LOVE WITH TIBBIE X! MY KINDA GIRL! The Band as a whole are Strong and very punk, just the way we like it!!! The lyrics to Ritual are off the hook ALONE! DEFINITELY put GASH on your to see list! I loved the onstage antics; visual just the way I LIKE IT! DON'T MISS THIS BAND. Hit Cunningham and AJ Delinqiuent on guitar are good artists. Travis Travesty on bass, Kevin Knuckles on drums holds it together overall. Tibbie X: I love her look and she has an awesome voice. She is what make the whole thing punk. -Robert Uller

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