Friday, June 10, 2016

Vinyl Review: GONKULATOR Reborn Through Evil

Reborn Through Evil
Fudgeworthy Records
I received a copy of Gonkulator’s Reborn Through Evil alongside their split with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium I wrote up in April. This limited edition ten inch vinyl came out last year; according to their Facebook community page it’s still available for purchase in addition to more vinyls, splits and band shirts. The official release and distribution of all this merchandise is Fudgeworthy Records, a label that drummer Charlie Infection runs concurrently with Infection Distribution, and has been for as long as I’ve known him. One of the songs included here, Hail The Baron, was included on the Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium split. If you heard them on that release, you know what you’re in for when you hear this. Back to when I saw them play at the Spiral (I touched on this while reviewing the split). I hadn’t expected such a noisy fusion of black metal, grindcore and experimental noise when they went on. There was something that appealed to me on more than one level and I thought for all their noise they were among the more inventive bands out there. I only had to listen to Reborn Through Evil once to appreciate the songs and the attitude behind them. The band fully utilizes the cult underground stance, and pushes it to the fullest. Sacreligious, blasphemous noise for the most extreme-minded of extreme metallers, complete with raw production, grinding and dissonant guitars, ringing bass, pounding drums, ripping vocals, some appropriate samples, rain effects and some hellish atmosphere here and there. If you expect something clean and polished you won’t find it here. But if you’re a child of the era before FUSE TV, multiple reunion tours, claims from Gene Simmons that rock is dead, the extinction of local dives and fetish clubs and the general sanitization of music, this ten inch release is for you. If you like such 90s bands as Belketre and Ildjarn you’ll like this. Reborn Through Evil was recorded between December 2011 and January 2012, and executive produced by Charlie Infection. You’ll find all the pertinent information about who was involved in the making of this ten inch on the liner notes. -Dave Wolff

Side A - Baron
1. Excruciating Pain in the Form of Religious Rubbish
2. Hail the Baron
3. Violating the Virgin Mary
4. Spilling the Blood of the Holy Ones
5. A Hell on Earth
Side B - Cemetery
1. Corpse Paint
2. Ozzie Is Old
3. Darkness Is Welcomed at the Altar of Gonkulator
4. Joseph - Son of David
5. Storms of Thunder over the Sacred Cemeteries of Schlagen

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