Friday, June 3, 2016

Video Review: EGO LIKENESS New Legion by Robert Uller

New Legion (Official Video)
New Legion is the second single taken from the new album "When the Wolves. This is the first time I'm hearing and seeing this band. They are a darkwave/industrial/rock band from Baltimore, Maryland formed in 1999 by artist Steven Archer and writer Donna Lynch. I must say I am impressed with the look, feel and sound of this vid. The vocals, music and visuals I give a A+. I adore the scene when frontwoman Donna pours Voodoo dust around herself. She is quite beautiful “We are justice, we are treason, we are karma, we are reason, my name is Legion…” Hot and catchy lyrics. I love how the whole vid takes place in a strip bar; hot ladies, tastefully done, Steven and Donna are my kinda people for sure. I love what they do and how they do it!!!! I personally would love to be part of their next vid whether it be set design, makeup, backup vocals or background extra playing one of my evil characters. It would be a grand Honor. The lighting is awesome, and the sound Just drags you in. -Robert Uller

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