Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Video Review: KIRLIAN CAMERA Black August by Robert Uller

Black August
Taken from the album "Black Summer Choirs"
Directed by Carlo Roberti/Solobuio Visual Factory
Elena Alice Fossi is Kirlian’s lead vocalist, and Camera was founded by the keyboardist/vocalist Angelo Bergamini in Parma (Italy) in Spring 1980. This Band has quite a history and are seemingly ever evolving. What’s not to love about this video. Absolutely beautiful in a very dark way! Elena's voice is memorizing to say the least and she is quite a beauty for to view for sure! The video production and direction by Carlo Roberti are superb. I really loved how Elena's voice just melts together with the visual aspects of this vid, very well put together! 5 stars for Kirlian Camera; a must see and listen! -Robert Uller

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