Friday, June 10, 2016


Renaissance is a band from the 70‘s that I managed to miss. This is a loss for me personally, because their music is so captivating and they were definitely forging new sounds the likes of YES, ELP and KING CRIMSON...
The band consisted of: Annie Haslam – lead and backing vocals John Tout – keyboards, backing vocals Jon Camp (listed as "John Camp") – bass, co-lead vocals on track 3, backing vocals Terence Sullivan – drums, backing vocals, percussion
Since the 70‘s, Annie has gone on with a solo career with her album Annie in Wonderland, She has since released eight studio albums, three of which were released through her own record label, White Dove. She has also collaborated with Steve Howe (of Yes fame) on a number of projects.
I found information on the band and Annie’s solo career on Wikipedia. Here are the links: and
This music never loses its quality and charm. Those of us who remember this type of musical dreamscapes will be happy to revisit the past. Those who are new to this genre of music will be visiting those dreamscapes often, hoping to capture it. It cannot be captured. It must remain free to soar beyond the clouds and spinning ‘round the moon. -Teresa Clayton

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