Sunday, June 5, 2016

CD Review: BESTIAL INVASION Act Of Retribution by Eric Evers

Act Of Retribution
Shellfire Attack
Bestial Invasion's new album Act Of Retribution is a collision of thrash and technical death metal. Although the vocals have almost an old school power metal sound to them, it flows perfectly with the music. The bass and guitar riffs are technical and very diverse. This band is unique and stands out on its own. If you're looking for something different to listen to, Act Of Retribution is the way to go. Definitely a kick ass album. -Eric Evers

Track list:
1. Act of Retribution (Intro)
2. Doomed Years
3. Silent Wonders
4. Numenor
5. Praise of Mind
6. ...from Somewhere in the Woods
7. My Dreadful Hours
8. Desires and Circumstances (MCCCVII)
9. On and On (Raven cover)

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