Saturday, June 4, 2016

Video Review: EVIL LUCIFERA Arise by Skitz J. Fitch

Arise (Sepultura cover)
Wow let me start off with saying I loved the sound for this cover of Arise originally done by Sepultura. I have to say for a low budget video Evil Lucifera did a good job setting the mood and atmosphere. The fact that this vocalist is a female is a Bonus. There is nothing better than a good female vocalist in the Metal field. The guitars are dead on and I’m loving this black metal/goth band this band. They for sure can be put into a mix with the likes of Immortal and Emperor without skipping a beat. A real joy to listen to. I highly recommend Evil Lucifera. -Skitz J. Fitch

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  1. Gonna be playing this on my Metal Show. So will give shoutout to AEA too..!