Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CD Review: THE NIGHTSTALKER All For A Promise

All For A Promise
I did not know anything of this band, The Nightstalker. So I had no expectations other than the bleak foreboding imagery used on their social media. Upon immediate listen I was quite happy to hear a melodic base to the songs reminiscent of various era's of Paradise Lost and maybe some Sisters of Mercy. Nice guitar work and very tasty melodies, with a very pop sense about them. Two things stand at opposites with these tasty melodies, one being the necro black metal styled vocals and the “kvlt as fvck” production. I have to say I liked the contrast between the black metal styled vocals and goth rock music.... but I think a lot of people would have trouble with it. Also the production is fairly “live, recorded in a dungeon” style black metal production which also adds an original but gritty feel to it, which in many other bands would take away from the sound... it strangely adds to it here. All in all the songs invoke a rather hypnotic trance like state which I would quite happily fall asleep to. The Nightstalker have a great command of melodies and their songwriting sensibilities come across very well in this music. I would like to hear them again on forthcoming releases with an improved production which I think they could really go somewhere with but at the same time part of me wants them to keep the gritty production they have here, as it really works! I eagerly await whatever these guys do next. -Reggae

1. But not in Me
2. Sergent Mattennen
3. Fight Under the Rain
4. The Purgatory
5. The Diversion
6. The Prisonners Eescape
7. I Miss Her
8. The Choice
9. In the Heart of Limbo
10. Army of Darkness

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