Monday, November 7, 2016

CD Review: ABAZAGORATH "The Satanic Verses" (Eternal Death) by Sarah McKellar

Abazagorath are a New Jersey based black metal project formed in 1995. Their career spanning 20 years has ensured their reign as one of the pioneering founders of the USBM movement. “The Satanic Verses” is their seventh, 2014 full length release. A melancholy and brutal opening track “Mahound” introduces the listener immediately to the customary speed and cohesiveness expected of Abazagorath. Brutal, unrelenting and aggressive vocals paired with an extremely musically tight background ensures that the listener is waiting to see what Abazagorath will deliver next. Continual changes in both tempo, stylings and rapid pitch changes ensure the listener’s appreciation of this technically flawless release. The musical stylings are consistent with Abazagorath’s USBM feel- an aspect to be appreciated about this release is the sheer talent and musical tightness displayed as a whole. Particularly noteworthy, is the drum work consistently throughout this release- tight, consistently creative and genuinely captivating with some incredible blast beats. The use of samples and distortion throughout “The Satanic Verses” provide a welcome or unsettling respite from the sheer brutal wall of sound assaulting your eardrums depending on the particular musical intent. Melodic and melancholy intervals are used to flawless contrasting effect consistently throughout “The Satanic Verses” while the hauntingly beautiful instrumental “Ayesha” displays another musical aspect to Abazagorath’s repertoire. Consistently aggressive, brutal, highly technical and cohesive- Abazagorath’s “The Satanic Verses” is literally not to be missed for those who appreciate technical US black metal. Flawless and genuinely captivating- I absolutely look forward to hearing more of Abazagorath’s material as “The Satanic Verses” was literally a pleasure to review. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Mahound
2. The Satanic Verses
3. The Angel Gabriel
4. Revelation
5. Ayesha
6. Visions of Azrael
7. Return to Jahilia
8. A City Visible but Unseen
9. Gharaniq
10. Conclusion

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