Sunday, November 27, 2016

Demo Review: VULTUR Vulture’s Beak (War Productions) by Dave Wolff

Vulture’s Beak
Vulture’s Beak is the debut demo from this Athens based death metal band. Released three years following their 2013 inception, it effortlessly demonstrates how the metal underground in Greece is still capable of spawning quality music. The four selections gathered for this demo refreshed my memories of old Pyrexia and Suffocation in their demo days. The guitar, bass and drum tracks were all recorded in the band’s home studio (the lead vocals were recorded at Vocals recorded at Underground Studio of Kyriakos Pagoulatos) so the similarities probably stem from the professional self-production heard on this demo. The D.I.Y. leaning ingrained in the material is revitalizing as Vultur hold clear dominion over their songs, channeling their energy into the density and consistency they compose with. The Pyrexia/Suffocation parallels are most apparent in the first track Entangled In The Webs Of Fear, but from there Vultur travel to other shores so to speak. The predilection here is of the 90s persuasion, with all its doom, gloom and foreboding untouched. I liked how this innervation seems to steadily grow until the end of the demo when it seems to almost become self-aware in a sense, signaling the end of all things as we know them. With this in mind I most appreciate the final track Incubation Of Grimness with its agonizingly slow tempo and imposing fadeout suggesting darker times ahead. This fits the potential the band has and shows promise for them. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Entangled In The Webs Of Fear
2. Vulture's Beak
3. Murder Castle
4. Incubation Of Grimness

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