Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This sounds totally old punk garage reminding me a bit of The Ramones and the batcave band Christian Death (Rozz Williams). The slow dark tempo especially reminds me of the old batcave bands except the vocals which have elements of both. This the kind of music I enjoy listening to (I don't listen to black/death metal only; I have a weakness for Coldwave/batcave/post punk bands). I had to listen to their songs many times; it's a bit difficult to label their music. One thing is sure it's rock’n’roll, garage, sometimes it sounds like "now they don't know how to continue their track" but finally they go ahead. But something is missing (probably some lyrics). I had to listen to the four songs many times, digging in and out, recombining all the elements from their music in my head in the right order. They surely have a great 70's 80's influences, even "goth" (according to me they are really close to the batcave Coldwave spirit, which I like very much by the way). I can write down who they remind me of: without any doubt Christian Death (r.i.p Rozz Williams) "The Hour of the Wolf", sometimes The Cure, and many others. Is this experimental music also? My favorite title is "Dreamers Dream" which reminds me most of Christian Death. -Abyss Forgottentomb

Track list:
1. Cognitive Dissonance
2. Phantomwise
3. Dreamers Dream
4. Marinduque

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