Friday, November 4, 2016

Video Review: ANGUERE Estado de Choque by Simon Brown

Estado de Choque
Hailing from Rio Carlo, Brazil, Anguere describe themselves aligning with hardcore stylings and I see no reason to disagree. Whilst not a fan of the style, what Anguere deliver happens to be quite good and angry. Interestingly, in the video they appear as a three piece of guitar, vocals and drums, yet bass and dual guitars can be heard. The setting appears to be a grimy warehouse and this is exactly what one should expect from a band of this genre. Musically, there is plenty of variety. Thrash, blast beats and limited breakdowns engage the listener. This is a band not afraid to experiment with their angry sound. In doing so, Anguere remain cohesive and coherent. Underneath the wall of sound, there is an astute approach to composition and musical sense in arrangement. -Simon Brown

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