Friday, November 11, 2016

CD Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS The Legion Of Tchort Compilation #14

The Legion Of Tchort Compilation #14
Peru’s own extreme music supporter Tchort, publisher of The Legion Of Tchort zine, is still at it after all these years. I’ve been covering his independently marketed compilation series since the mid 2000s, and he always delivers when it comes to helping promote bands. What’s more, he hasn’t strayed from his chosen path to cater to mainstream accessibility. I’ve been discovering more bands that “keep it underground” and these bands have been slowly but surely becoming more independent and self-sustaining. And like it or not, we have these personalities to credit for it, not MTV or VH1. The independent distro owners, the net radio DJs, the editors of print zines. These are the people who stuck to their guns, and it’s starting to pay off. Progressing and growing is not a bad thing, but I’ve too often seen bands lose or abandon their edge and call it “maturing”. And it’s been less rewarding and more detrimental. Those who progress on their terms and remember their hardcore fanbase have longevity in an industry that has remained self sufficient for years. This, as always, is what to expect from this compilation. While the bands here are mostly black and death metal, the song arrangement makes it clear that each band sounds different from the others. Sort of like when thrash metal bands had their own distinctive sound. Maybe not exactly like those days but pretty close. I got the same feeling I got from listening to classic era compilations Speed Metal Hell II, The Best Of Metal Blade and Satan’s Revenge Part II. And the same impressions that underground music still has different ideas to offer. This time around the bands are from Germany, Japan, Venezeuela, Chile, Canada, Russia, Uruguay, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Poland and the States. A few are familiar to me, namely Dimentianon, Eyecult, Upon Shadows and Three Sixes. These are all bands I’ve covered in one form or another (Three Sixes being the most recent). I’ve also been introduced to Maleficent, Basilisk, Funebria, Maggots, Deaflock, Satarial, Nachzehrer, Luciferian Blood and many others who kept me entertained from beginning to end. Much has been said about this collection of songs, but I want to add that if your passion for extreme music has been waning The Legion Of Tchort Compilation volume #14 will restore it with a vengeance. All these bands are well worth checking out. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Bloody Invasion (Germany): Act Of Justice
2. Survive (Japan): Mortal World
3. Vesterian (USA): Dead Kings Of Tyranny
4. Maleficent (Chile): Batalla Final
5. Halduk (Canada): Black Wind
6. Xictution (Germany): E.D.I.C.
7. Sectasys (Venezuela): Arma Skin
8. Basilisk (Japan): Diabolial My Dark & Muddy Stream
9. Dinentianon (USA): Breathe Deep
10. Funebria (Venezeuela): Enthroned Luciferian Kingdom
11. Maggots (Germany): Black Whore Of Total Eclipse
12. Deaflock (Japan): Clash
13. Satarial (Russia): Spell Of Formation
14. Nachzehrer (USA): Incestual Demoncy
15. Eyecult (Sweden): Aeturnum
16. Icepressive (Spain): The Sacred Black Crystal
17. Three Sixes (USA): Hand Of Hell
18. Luciferian Blood (Australia): Satan, Death, Hell
19. Clandestined (Japan): Ta Eschata
20. Upon Shadows (Uruguay): Andromeda
21. Terrordome (Poland): Sickness Among Us

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  1. Damn awesome review, really nice reading and it is great that still today is it lot of people out there that follows their true goal to support the true underground scene !