Monday, November 7, 2016

CD Review: SKULLWINX "The Relic" (Metalizer) by Simon Brown

The Relic
Hailing from Tegernsee, Germany, Skullwinx play a traditional form of power/thrash metal with nice hooks and a huge Mercyful Fate influence. Easily enjoyable, this band knows how to capture the listener’s attention. Vocals have an impressive range and all instrumentalists have ample opportunity to showcase their talent. Tempo changes which allow nice solo work gives nod to a band breaking new ground. Skullwinx are not limited within the confines of a genre which struggles to present anything original since 1991. The opening track “Siegfreid” “Carved in Stone (Princes in the Tower)” and the heavily Iron Maiden influenced “Carolus Magnus (Pater Europae)” were highlights for me. What stands out with this band is all songs on this release appear to have catchy chorus lines without ripping off bands who have come before them. Lyrically the album is concerned with European folk tales, legends and historic events. It also covers the hypothesis of a god sending proof of existence along with human greed and jealousy. Production is clear although the drum sound could be slightly better. A solid release. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1.    Siegfried
2.    Attila The Hun
3.    A Tale Of Unity (Arminius)
4.    Carolus Magnus (Pater Europae)
5.    For Heorot (Beowulf)
6.    Carved In Stone (Princes In The Tower)
7.    Tryst Of Destiny
8.    The Relic Of An Angel

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