Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'Let me be the Giver of Life' by Heather Dawson

Let me be the Giver of Life
By Heather Dawson

For a week I had kept to watch
I was haggard cold grey
On a whim - a chance I called to you
And you heard and found me

you were shocked by my need
My unabashed presentation of myself to you
Not caring nor seeing and with thoughtless mindlessness
Only one aim - to feel strong true beautiful free and wanton
To drive a stake through the heart of death and it's pallor with our joy

you didn't understand and were somewhat horrified
Especially later - after - when I told you of the end

you need to know you saved me
Made me human again
Not just a dour sister administering anesthetic and death to pure love
As real as if I wrapped my fingers around her throat myself and pushed them through her flesh.

I needed you and you provided a haven - a sky of light and white washed perfection

I know you think I am base and common - that's fine

I had a deep need to give life - you obliged me - thank you

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