Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'Treading water' by Alan Lisanti

Treading water

Into unknown
In the uncharted depths I roam
Clueless alone
I can see where I should go
But I'm lost no control
Fires guide the soul
Fear is all let go
Sink or swim with eyes full of hesitation
Lead to the path by the failures I've known
From shapeless I've grown
Limbs like lifelines keep me afloat
Destination disclosed
Thrill is in the purging of these bottomless holes
From nothing but mistakes
I carve the canvas from the mould
Venture to the absence of faith in one's soul
I had to be defeated to cling to my hold
But in my hands future slips away from the bold
To tempt the unattainable
Turns silver to gold
You'd rather carve desires from these
desperate lows
Fake it til you make it
Sounds so easy I suppose
Sheep sheds his wool
The never should have been
Reveals his teeth that of wolves
You climbed upon the spines of
The tame and stepped on their skulls
To reach the out of reach by any means
Don't divulge
The secret to becoming lies
In undoing what you've known
You flaunt your own roles
Everything you do ensures
You won't be exposed
Resist devolution choosing limits
Not goals
In my unbecoming I have become my own ghost
And from the realm of nether
I have learned to let go
To revive the survivalist
From the restrictive plateau
And ever then beyond I shall adapt to the throes
Sink or swim and onward
Supercedes the undertow
Survival's not enough
You have to bite down on hope
Blind and in the dark
You find your strength is tenfold

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