Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'A Warrior’s Lament' by Sarah McKellar

A Warrior’s Lament
By Sarah McKellar

What do you see and what do you hear?
Nothing as yet- to be honest, my dear.
Why can you not hear- how can you not see?
Such gifts are not as simple as they used to be.
The voices of the wind’s whispering haS bid farewell to me,
All I hear is the sound of wind through leaves.
Although young and strong I once was,
I never dreamed life would be such because,
The whispering of the wind and the voices of the trees,
Have misled, beaten and brought the curse that you see.
For many days I hung alone- locked within a cage,
The torture and justice was dealt with murderous rage.

For you see my child,
There are some things we are never to trust,
You must never break an oath,
And never put honour before lust.
I did so and paid the price,
As my broken body you can see,
So preserve your honour and keep your oath,
And you’ll remain a man most free.
The heart can be a fickle creature,
Love can turn a man vain,
And if you choose the wrong person,
Your heart can be torn in twain,
So take up your axes,
Your sword and your shield,
I IMPLORE you, my child,
Try your luck in the field!

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