Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'Unbound' by Debbie Dixon

By Debbie Dixon

Are the winds of change
Really blowing
We are standing at the brink
Of all knowing

There are dark days ahead
Full of fear and full of dread
According to all that we’ve read

Where did it
All come from
And where will you be
At the battle’s drum

Which is the side of right
Who will stand alone in this fight
When the demon comes in the night

Would you recognize me
If I cowered to you
Or would you be so full of fear
That you would just run me through

You never asked how I felt
Do not expect me to melt
From verbal stones that you pelt

Release me to live
There among you
To find my own definition
Of what is true

I am not yours to save
Nor can you make me behave
By threatening me with the grave

Mortal bounds will not keep me
From reaching the sky
I am my own angel…
Today -I choose to fly

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