Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Poem: 'One False Move and I’m Yours' by Tony Sokol

One False Move and I’m Yours
(The Lee Harvey Oswald Song from AssassiNation: We Killed Kennedy)
By Tony Sokol

I've seen myself through your eyes looking back at me.
In all this time I'm still surprised there's something there to see.
So, if it seems I've been hiding like some face under a crowd
you're the one I've been hiding for
but I'm out of hiding now.

I've let you down so many times
I can't let up any more.
In all the places I've emerged
I forgot who I was hiding for.
But I'll be as good as I will be
for as long as I'm allowed.
I'll be everyone you want me to be
till I'm just a face in the crowd

I'm no longer who I was,
I'm less and somehow more
I don't know who I am
One false move and I'm yours.

Now I've gone straight but I'm still not clean.
My mouth moves but there's no sound.
Everyone's deserted me.
I noticed your still around.
Sure there's things that I hide from you
but I hide most from myself.
The thing that I've been looking for
is to be somebody else.
I'm no longer who I was/ I'm less and somehow more
I don't know who I am, but I was never really sure

I've seen myself in the news on a shitty black and white TV.
I'm trying to come to grip with what I am and what they'll make of me.
In the end we're all just dupes
every face in every crowd.
At least the mask they put on me
is the face of history now.

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