Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Full Length Review: MAHA PRALAYA Turiya (Independent) by Serafima Okuneva

Place of origin: Voronezh, Russia
Genre: Ritual dark ambient, industrial darkwave
Format: Digita
Release date: September 9, 2018
Imagine long, sustained notes building up, layered on top of each other, flowing across the floor, slowly lapping up against the walls and flowing back straight at you. Imagine this blocking out everything, deadening all other sounds until you can hear nothing else. Beyond Definition, beyond Existence. AUM!
The name of the project is Maha Pralaya (महाप्रलय), translated the "night of eternity", the time of the great dissolution of the universe. The entire visible world, including the mind, intellect, actions, Ishwar, etc., disappears in the finale of the Great Period (maha-kalpa), that is, during the Great Dissolution (maha-pralaya). Space and time also die out in this position. What a fascinating mythology, brilliantly expressed in deep observational-existential soundscapes which helping us to get off the ground and plunge into the abyss of Nothing.
Turya by duo Maha Pralaya from Voronezh (Russia) released in September of this year and includes the archives of the live sound Improvisations Rituals, lost in time, recorded and summarized by project in 2017 in Gandharva's home studio.
Listening to it without reference, one is unable to tell where the majority of the tracks begin and end because the music change subtle and unhurried. Nevertheless, each track has its own unique quality. This is ‘journey music’. It fills the imagination – not with specific imagery but with a sense of place, a sense of environment. As you listen to it you gradually become aware that although the start of the album is filled with deep resonating sounds, the mood gradually lightens as the album progresses. Near the end of album the mind leaves you, and the whole entity turns into a kind of vibration, sending the mind into a state of deep trance. Ether fills everything around, and you touch the deep trance. Here is the release task, the project music task. And I think that my destiny blowing has fulfilled more than successfully. Such a stunning meditative dark cold and crystal sound. Have a far and deep journey! -Serafima Okuneva

Track list:
1. side a
2. side b

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