Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poem: 'Chord / Cord' by Heather Dawson

Chord / Cord
by Heather Dawson

You won't remember
It was last December
I was alone and drinking wine
And I thought perfect timing
And to you I said ...
watch that MC5 documentary you'll love it
And you replied...
Who is this (?)

And I said to
Write write write cause your so good at it -don't deny the world your talent ...
And I told big brother I got nothin left
And I think that was it - that was the list
And I clambered up
The stairs alone
And tried the way I said I would swing
And I thought the chord cord could hold 110 - 112
And I wanted to
Write reason all over my opaqueness
But there seemed to be a lack of time somehow

So tip toe in the white billow gown
Around the rafters
Around me

And then knew this was a performance I was conducting for
My own

Thought of the two and stopped
And went flat footed
And returned the chord cord
And went back
Down the stairs

Cried some more and fell asleep

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